Are statists the real isolationists?

Are statists the real isolationists?

John McCain is an isolationist. Libertarians aren’t. Here’s why… Retweet

Today’s plans & progress…

  • We’re making great progress on our new Nolan Chart survey, the Political Conscience Test. We’ll show you a prototype, probably this week.
  • We’ve added a new collection to our Mental Lever mini-articles — Our Lexicon!

Words have power…

  • Clear words lead to clear thinking
  • Confused words lead to mental chaos
  • Statists use words in a highly chaotic way
  • We can gain ground by giving words coherent definitions

To be effective agents of change we must also be effective linguistic entrepreneurs. We must mold the language in a rational direction. Our first entry in this new collection deals with the following words and phrases…

  • Intervention
  • Non-intervention
  • Isolationism
  • Cultural engagement

Can we show that statists like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the real isolationists? Check out our newest Mental Lever — “Does the common definition of isolationism make sense?” — and decide for yourself. If you like our presentation please share it with others.

More progress coming soon!

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-creators of the Zero Aggression Project

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  1. All statists divide & conquer, pitting one group against another, ultimately that leads to person against person.

    You can’t get more isolationist than that!

    An individualist political philosophy promotes social cohesion, cooperation, and progress on every level.

    A “progressive liberal” believes the opposite, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Freedom is seen as anti-social, inhuman, and a necessary evil to be eventually wiped out. This may not be admitted, but it is the result of their belief in authoritarianism. Advocating policies that contradict their goal of social progress is common.

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