Ten steps to a culture of harmony and abundance...


Step one: Recognize that there is a law of reality, like gravity...

When one person uses violence to impose his or her personal preferences on another, human happiness decreases.

Thus, to maximize human happiness we must all respect each other.


Step two: Embrace a philosophy of human respect.

For each person to seek happiness as they define it, we must let them live according to their own peaceful choices. We must NOT impose our personal preferences on people against their will. This is the essence of a Philosophy of Human Respect.


Step three: Appreciate how you already serve this purpose.

You already practice a Philosophy of Human Respect. You do not force people to do things your way. You might call this the non-aggression principle, and phase it like this...

I do not use threats or violence to impose my personal preferences on peaceful people.


Step four: Identify the main area where people violate the non-aggression principle.

Most people practice peace in their personal lives. But they still assume it's okay to impose their preferences on others, so long as a majority agrees. They act as if voting has a magic power to turn wrong into right. They even worship this "might makes right" approach under the sacred name democracy.


Step five: Recognize the true nature of politics

Democracy isn't magic. Voting to impose your personal preferences on others is immoral, not sacred. Voting to aggress against others destroys human respect. It involves violating consent and taking what others have earned. It creates a war of all against all. It makes everyone unhappy! It even makes people hate each other!

To end this hatred, increase happiness, and foster a culture of human respect, we must expand the scope of the merely personal non-aggression principle...


Step six: Our commitment to non-aggression must include politics.

We must refuse to use politics to impose our personal preferences on others. The tools of governance must only be used to defend against acts of aggression.


Step seven: Favor peaceful persuasion and voluntary cooperation over aggression.

Our values may be liberal, conservative, or something else entirely, but we should never use aggression to impose those values on others. We should only use persuasion or cooperation.


Step eight: Make non-aggression your default position.

Don't be quick to find excuses for political aggression. Always work hard to find a non-aggressive solution to every problem. Constantly aim at ZERO aggression.


Step nine: Adopt and promote the Zero Aggression Principle.

We might call this expanded non-aggression principle the Zero Aggression Principle -- the ZAP! -- and phrase it like this...

"I refuse to engage in acts of aggression for any purpose, personal or political. Violence must be for a defensive purpose."

Or, more memorably...

I don't aggress against others, personally or politically.

If you agree with that, try to remember it, so you can share it with others. Repeat it a few times, or maybe even write it down.


Step ten: Join our mission

We believe these ideas point the way to a happier and more peaceful future. An end to political warfare would also bring an increase in peaceful cooperation. This would expand human happiness. But people can't be influenced by ideas they don't know about. That's why we - Jim Babka and Perry Willis - co-created the Zero Aggression Project. Our mission is simple...

We want to present the Zero Aggression Principle to every person on planet earth!

This simple action will foster a global culture of Human Respect. Will you become an agent of that change? Join us!

Join the Zero Aggression Project


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